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At Leadership Beach, we can help you become the leader you want to be and your team and organization needs.  In 100 days, you can change the trajectory of your career.

You will:

  • increase your effectiveness
  • learn how to meet the needs and wants of your team members
  • discover what behaviors matter to demonstrate leadership competence
  • be able to practice your new skills
  • meet with an executive coach each week of the program
  • receive feedback from your direct reports, peers, and manager after you have practiced what you have learned to increase your leadership confidence

You can become the leader everyone wants to work for. 

To learn how to increase your effectiveness as a leader, please click here to download our 14-page guide to the 100-Day Launch to Leadership Effectiveness.

To schedule a 15-minute call with one of our certified Executive Coaches, please click here to select your appointment time.


100-Day Launch to Leadership Effectiveness

100-Day Launch to Leadership Effectiveness